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General Product Questions

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A standard type of installation for verticals, in which the headrail is mounted on the wall surrounding the door or window.

A shade option that opens from the top down instead from the bottom up. When completely open, the fabric stacks at the bottom of the window.

Vertical strips of fabric, usually one to two inches wide that are used to hold a blind together. Tapes are not threaded through the slats like ladders; when the blinds are closed, the tapes will run straight down the front surface. Available on many wood, faux wood and 2" mini blinds, cloth tapes improve light control and privacy while adding a decorative accent.

Special features that offer an alternative to standard lifting controls, add extra light control, or alter the decorative appearance of the blind or shade.

Mount refers to whether the blind will be mounted within the window frame (inside mount) or on the wall surrounding the window (outside mount).

For bay windows that have individual window casings, you'll measure them according to the regular measuring instructions for the product you are requesting.

For bay windows that either share the same opening or are for outside mounts, you'll need to speak with our customer care team at 800-748-1026. We will be able to walk you through the steps to measure accurately.

Battery or AC powered option for raising or tilting blinds and shades. Motorized blinds offer a tilt only option to rotate the slats of a horizontal shade open or closed for light and privacy control at the touch of a button. For shades, the Motorized lift option raises or lowers the entire shade. Motorization offers convenience and ease of operation for almost any window application and is especially useful for hard to reach or large windows.

Yes, all products except for drapery come with hardware to hang them. Drapery hardware can be purchased at the time of order.

Yes. Most products we carry would work doors such as entry doors and French doors. To ensure that the product does not sway when the door is operated, you can add hold down brackets to most of the items we sell.

Installation parts that are mounted on the window frame, wall, or ceiling used to attach and install the headrail of a window treatment.

Inside mount is a type of installation that refers to hanging a window treatment inside the window frame, so that it is recessed with the window. Inside mounts will have deductions taken from the widths to allow for installation and operation. Inside mount vertical applications will also have deductions taken from the height.

The two "side" pieces of a valance that connect the front (main) part of the valance to the wall. Valance returns are usually only used on outside mounts. Inside mounted blinds that are not flush can have returns added to the order.

Large blinds can be difficult to raise and lower. Breaking a large blind into two or three smaller ones makes it much easier to operate, and will extend the life of the lifting mechanism. Because the blinds share a single headrail, the window will still have a unified appearance. Please note: There will be a small gap (about 1/2", but may vary by product) between each of the segments of the blind to allow them to operate independently from each other.

A non-reflective surface that blocks up to 99% of outside light. Opaque is the best choice for bedrooms, children's rooms, and media rooms. Inside mounted shades will have small gaps along the edges which will allow light in. To best control this, consider making the shade an outside mount where you will be able to overlap the window to reduce more light. You could also consider adding a secondary window covering, such as drapery panels.

This is a Roller shade option where the fabric rolls off the front of the shade, preventing the backside of the fabric from being seen and creating a more streamlined look. This is only recommended for inside mounts that have at least the flush mount depth to mount. This amount will vary by brand and options. Please see the specifications tab for further information. This option would never be used with outside mounted shades.

Spacer blocks are shims used to add an extra 1/2" or 1" of depth to the headrail. Spacer blocks are usually used to avoid obstructions such as molding around a window. Available for outside mount applications only.

Stack refers to the area on the wall where window treatments rest when they are opened and the window is exposed. For vertical blinds, stacking refers to the direction in which the blind opens. The most common types are left stack and right stack. If you order a left stack, the slats will be drawn to the left side of the window when fully opened. For a right stack, the vanes will be drawn to the right. Other choices include split stack, in which the blinds open from the middle, with half of the vanes stacking on the left and half on the right; and center stack in which the blinds open from both sides and stack in the middle of the window. For horizontal blinds, "stacking height" refers to how much area the product will cover when the blind or shade is drawn fully open. The smaller the stack height, the greater the view to the outside. Some products inherently have larger stacks than others. For example, a Roman shade will have a larger stack than a cellular shade. If having a full view out of a window is desired, please be sure to do an outside mount and add the stack to the height to clear the window.

A type of installation that refers to hanging a window treatment on the wall above the window, so that the window treatment overlaps the window.

For installations requiring additional space between the blind and the mounting surface, so that the blind will clear obstructions such as window cranks or trim. Available for outside mount applications only.

Refers to the vertical measurement of the blind. *

Depth required to mount blind so that it is fully recessed inside the window frame. The blind will not protrude into the room.

Yes, all orders come with mounting hardware free of charge except for the draperies. Drapery hardware can be purchased.


We offer installation instructions for the products we carry. Please Click Here for a list of the brands we carry.


No, for inside mounts the factory will take your opening size and make the adjustment for you.

The spacing between the products will vary by product type. You'll see approximate gaps of 1/2" between blinds, 3/8" between all shades except rollers and solars. Those will have a fabric gap of approximately 1 1/2".

We do not recommend using the sizes of existing window coverings. Measuring the window opening ensures that what you order will fit properly.

To provide the best fit, we need the measurements to the nearest 1/8".

Measuring worksheets for each product can be found by choosing the type of blind you are measuring for. You will be able to print out the guide. Please Click Here wwwstardecorating.com/measuring.asp to start measuring.

No, the factory will take your exact measurements and provide a product that will fit and operate properly within the window opening.

We've made it easy to measure your windows. Please Click Here to choose from a list of products to get the exact measuring instructions for your window and product.

Depth required to mount blind inside the window frame. ***Note: A portion of the blind may protrude from the window frame.

Refers to the horizontal measurement of the window or blind in inches.

Measure the overall width, and then measure the area where the individual panels will go. Add up the 2 or 3 panel widths. This number should equal the overall width.

The minimum mount depth is listed on each product page under the Product Details tab. Be sure that you are looking at the lifting option you will be choosing, as the specifications may change depending on your lift.

Manufacturers set the size limitations after extensive testing to see how well the products hold up over time. If your size is over the size limitation, it may be that the material or mechanism failed too frequently. If it is below the minimum size, the material may not hang correctly or the lift may not operate properly at such a small size.

The roller shades finished width will be a bracket to bracket measurement except when the roller shade has a valance.

Often you'll want to have all of the vertical vanes and panels to stack off of the window. To determine what to order, the manufacturers have charts we can access to let you know the perfect size. Because they vary from brand to brand and product to product, you'll need to contact us with the brand and product. Please contact us 800-743-1026.


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Since we sell custom products, you are charged immediately.

Once your order is placed, an email is sent to your email address containing your order details. If you do not see it within 15 minutes, please check your junk mail folder.

Large blinds can be difficult to raise and lower. Breaking a large blind into two or more smaller ones makes it much easier to operate, and will extend the life of the lifting mechanisms. Because the blinds share a single headrail, the window will still have a unified appearance. Please note: there will be a small gap (about 1/2", but will vary by product) between each of the segments of the blind to prevent them from rubbing together.

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Samples are free and are shipped by USPS ! Most samples arrive within 3-5 days, based on your location. If you need the samples quicker, 2nd Day and Overnight delivery is available for an additional chargeat checkout.


Most orders ship for free. However you will see shipping charges if one or more of your products are over 94" in width. You may also see charges if the order is being shipped to Alaska or Hawaii. Please Click Here for additional information.

Since everything we sell is custom made for you, the average lead time for these products is between 2-3 weeks for delivery. This does vary from brand and product to product. Lead times can change depending on the time of year. For our current lead times, please Click Here . If you have an order number and are checking status, please Click Here.

We do not have any manufacturers who will ship internationally

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The manufacturers of these products do not ship USPS. The carriers they most often use will be UPS, FedEx, and freight carriers.

The most orders ship using UPS or FedEx. For oversize blinds and some shutters, these may travel freight.